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 ▄ Help on the Change Directory dialog box

The Change Directory dialog box consists of an input box, a list box, the standard OK and Help buttons, and two other buttons (Chdir and Revert).

 ┌ Directory name ─────────────────────┐
 │                                     │

The Directory Name input box is where you type in the path of the new directory.

 ┌ Directory tree ─────────────────────┐
 │   Drives                            │
 │   └─┬C:\                            │
 │     └─┬PASCAL                       │
 │       └──TEMP                       │

The Directory Tree list box is where you point to (or move the cursor to) a directory name and choose the directory you want.

If you're using the keyboard, press Enter to make the selected directory be the current directory, then choose OK or press Esc to exit the dialog box.

 │ [Chdir ] │

The Chdir button initiates the directory change once you've selected or typed in a directory name.

 │ [Revert] │

The Revert button goes back to the previous directory, as long as you haven't yet exited the dialog box.

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