Built-in Assembler Expression Operators


  Built-in Assembler Expression Operators

This table lists the built-in assembler's expression operators in decreasing order of precedence.

The operators within each category have equal precedence.

   Category   Operator                What it is (or does)

   Highest                          Identifier override

              (...)                   Subexpression
              [...]                   Memory reference

               .                      Structure member selector

   Unary      HIGH                    Returns high-order 8 bits
              LOW                     Returns low-order 8 bits
                                    Unary plus
                                    Unary minus

                                    Segment override

              OFFSET                  Returns offset part
              SEG                     Returns segment part
              TYPE                    Returns type (byte size)
              PTR                     Typecast

                                    Integer division
              MOD                     Integer modulus (remainder)
              SHL                     Logical shift left
              SHR                     Logical shift right

   Additive                         Binary addition
                                    Binary subtraction

   Bitwise    NOT                     Bitwise negation
              AND                     Bitwise AND
              OR                      Bitwise OR
              XOR                     Bitwise Exclusive OR

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