Grouped Undo


 │ [ ] Grouped Undo │

[X] When Grouped Undo is on, Edit│Undo reverses the effects of the previous command and all immediately preceding commands of the same type.

These are "groupable" commands:

 ■ insertions
 ■ deletions
 ■ overwrites
 ■ cursor movements

For example, if you type ABC and Grouped Undo is on, you can choose Undo one time to delete the group ABC.

[ ] When Grouped Undo is off, Edit│Undo reverses the effect of a single editor command or keystroke.

For example, if you type ABC and Grouped Undos is off, you must choose Undo three times to delete the characters: C, then B, then A.

In terms of groups, inserting a carriage return is considered an insertion followed by a cursor movement.

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