> Format Specifiers Recognized in Debugger Expressions


 ▄ Format Specifiers Recognized in Debugger Expressions

When you specify expressions in the Evaluate and Add Watch commands, the debugger uses each expression's data type to select an appropriate display format for the expression.

The debugger automatically handles the size of the expression's result.

For example, it displays an integer in base 10, an array as a pointer in base 16 (hexadecimal).

To get a different display format, precede the expression with a comma followed by one of the following expression format specifiers:

  Format   │
  Specifier│ What it does
   C       │ Displays ASCII char
   D       │ Integer in decimal
   F[n]    │ Floating point. n is an optional number of digits
   H,X,$   │ Integer in hexadecimal
   M       │ Displays memory dump
   P       │ Far pointer; in segment:offset form
   R       │ Record; displays each member's name and value
   S       │ String; shows control characters as ASCII values,
           │ using Pascal escape sequences

For more information, see Format Specifiers.

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