> Compile Make (F9)


 ▄ Compile│Make  (F9)

The Make command makes an .EXE file.

These are the rules governing which files and units are recompiled:

 ■ If Compile│Primary File lists a primary
   file, that file is compiled; otherwise,
   the last file loaded into the editor is

   Borland Pascal checks all files that the file
   being compiled depends on.

 ■ If the source file for a given unit has
   been modified since the .TPU (object code)
   file was created, that unit is recompiled.

 ■ If the interface for a given unit has been
   changed, all other units that depend upon
   it are recompiled.

 ■ If a unit links in an .OBJ file (external
   routines), and the .OBJ file is newer than
   the unit's .TPU file, the unit is

 ■ If a unit includes an Include file and the
   Include file is newer than that unit's .TPU
   file, the unit is recompiled.

This option is identical to Compile│Build, except that it is conditional.

(Build rebuilds all files, regardless of whether they're out of date).

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