CheckBreak (variable) (WinCrt unit) and (Crt unit)


  CheckBreak (variable)     (WinCrt unit) and (Crt unit)

Controls user termination of an application using the CRT window.

 const CheckBreak: Boolean = True;

When CheckBreak is True, the user can terminate the application at any time by

  - choosing the Close command on the CRT window's Control menu
  - double-clicking the window's Control-menu box
  - pressing Alt+F4
  - pressing Ctrl-Break

The user can also press Ctrl+C or Ctrl+Break at any time to halt the application and force the CRT window into its inactive state.

All of these features are disabled when CheckBreak is False.

At run time, Crt stores the old Ctrl-Break interrupt vector, $1B, in a global pointer called SaveInt1B.

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