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 Browsing Symbols

The Search|Symbol command displays the Browse symbol dialog box, where you can select an existing symbol or enter a new symbol to browse.

If your cursor was on the a symbol in your source code when you chose Search|Symbol, that symbol appears in the Browse Symbol dialog box.

You can also browse a symbol by resting your cursor on it in your source code and choosing one of these methods:

 ■ Display the browser local menu and choose Browse Symbol at Cursor
 ■ Hold down Ctrl and click the right mouse button. For this method
   to work you must have first customized your right mouse button to browse

Descriptions to the left of the symbol indicate the kind of symbol displayed.

  Description  Symbol:
   const       constant
   func        function
   proc        procedure
   type        type
   var         variable or typed constant

To change the scope of symbols viewed, use the Options|Browser menu.

 Inspecting symbols

Choose Search|Symbol to inspect a symbol. You can also place the cursor on the symbol you want to browse and press Alt+F10 to display the local edit menu and select Browse Symbol at cursor.

See Using the ObjectBrowser for more information.

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