Breakpoint List Line# Condition Pass


 │ Breakpoint List   Line# Condition   Pass │
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 │                                          │
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 │                                          │

The Breakpoint List list box shows each set breakpoint plus its line number, breakpoint conditions, and pass count setting.

There is a history list for conditions so you can select a breakpoint condition you've used before.

Breakpoints stay set until you do one of the following:

 ■ Leave the environment.
 ■ Toggle the breakpoint off with Ctrl-F8.
 ■ Delete the breakpoint with the Delete
 ■ Delete the line(s) in the source code
   where the breakpoints are set.
 ■ Edit a file containing breakpoints and
   abandon the file without saving it.

 Buttons in the Breakpoint window

 Edit        Delete      View        Clear all 

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