Bar3D (procedure) (Graph unit)


 Bar3D (procedure)     (Graph unit)

Draws a 3-D bar using the current fill style and fill color.


  procedure Bar3D(x1, y1, x2, y2: Integer; Depth: Word; Top: Boolean);


Real, Protected


Bar3D draws a filled-in, three-dimensional bar using the pattern and color defined by SetFillStyle or SetFillPattern. The 3-D outline of the bar is drawn in the current line style and color as set by SetLineStyle and SetColor. Depth is the length in pixels of the 3-D outline. If Top is TopOn, a 3-D top is put on the bar; if Top is TopOff, no top is put on the bar (making it possible to stack several bars on top of one another).

A typical depth could be calculated by taking 25% of the width of the bar:

   Bar3D(X1, Y1, X2, Y2, (X2 - X1 + 1) div 4, TopOn);


Must be in grpahics mode.

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