$S Segment Size Preference Directive


  $S  Segment Size Preference Directive

Specifies the preferred size of code segments for grouped units.

   Syntax:        {$S SegSize}
   Default:       {$S 16384}
   Type:          Global


Windows and Protected mode


The $S parameter directive is only valid in a main program or library. The directive specifies the preferred size of code segments for grouped units. The specified size must be in the range 0..65,535. Units that exceed the specified size are placed in their own code segments.

When grouping units, the linker puts units with the same code segment attributes into the same code segment, up to the size specified. The limit also applies to groups specified by the $G directive.

The $S directive never produces warnings or error messages. If a unit can't fit into a code segment with other units, it automatically gets a separate segment.

Setting the preferred segment size to 0 guarantees that every unit goes in a separate code segment, which was the default behavior in previous versions of the compiler.

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