$R: Resource File Directive


  $R:  Resource File Directive

Specifies the name of the resource file to be included in an application or library.

   Syntax:        {$R FileName}
   Type:          Local


Windows and Protected mode


The default extension for FileName is .RES. It must be a Windows resource file.

If FileName does not specify a directory, the compiler searches for the file

  - first in the current directory
  - then in the directories specified in the Resource Directories input box

When used in a unit, the resource file is simply recorded in the resulting unit file; no checks are made to ensure that the file exists at that point.

When an application or library is linked, the resource files specified in all units and in the program or library itself are processed and Each resource in each resource file is copied to the .EXE or .DLL file being produced.

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