$R: Range-Checking Switch


  $R:  Range-Checking Switch

 Enables and disables the generation of range-checking code

   Syntax:        {$R+} or {$R-}
   Default:       {$R-}
   Type:          Local
   Menu Command:  Options|Compiler|Range-checking

The $R+ State

In the $R+ state,

  - all array and string-indexing expressions are verified as being within
    the defined bounds
  - all assignments to scalar and subrange variables are checked to be
    within range

If a range-check fails, the program terminates and displays a run-time error message.

$R+ does not apply to Inc. and Dec.

Enabling range-checking slows down your program and makes it larger.

Use this option when debugging, then turn it off once the program is bug-free.

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