$F: Force Far Calls Switch


 $F:  Force Far Calls Switch

Controls which call model to use for subsequently-compiled procedures and functions.

   Syntax:        {$F+} or {$F-}
   Default:       {$F-}
   Type:          Local
   Menu Command:  Options|Compiler|Force Far Calls

The $F+ State

Procedures and functions compiled in the $F+ state always use the FAR call model.

The $F- State

In the $F- state, the compiler automatically selects the appropriate model:

  - FAR if the procedure or function is declared in a unit's interface
  - NEAR if the procedure or function is declared somewhere else

Note: For programs that use overlays, place a $F+ directive at the beginning of the program and each unit, in order to satisfy the FAR call requirement.

For programs that use procedural variables, all such procedures must use the FAR code model.

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